We see so many businesses and products have a special icon saying available on iOS and available on Android. The number of apps developed for different products or services have been increasing exponentially. Right from simplest of the things to complex tasks to do online or offline we can find an app that helps it, for example weather app, travel, productivity, shopping etc are available for every smartphone or tablet and it would be fair to say that somewhere on a day to day life these Apps have made life simpler to some (if not most) of us. I can imagine a scenario as complex as planning a vacation right from finding a place, booking a car/flight/train or other modes of transportation, finding hotels to stay, tourist places, offers and places of interest, traffic and returning back to home can be done just with different apps. I am sharing some of the apps that helped me as a customer in unusual times. There might be thousands of other apps but the apps that I am going to discuss below are general and I feel it will be useful for any other person.

  1. Domino’s pizza: This app won the Carphone Warehouse Appys 2012 and one needs to use it to understand how it has changed the way a pizza is ordered. Gone are the days when you have to call a person and keep repeating the order amidst all the chaos around you, network issues and other problems. This app has helped us when we want to order but we are in library. With very poor telephone network but abundance of Wifi network we were able to order with less inconvenience to others. Another advantage with this app is it can store your previous preference or favourite pizzas/ combinations. It also uses augmented reality and you can play contests.
  2. Train apps:  The main advantage of the train apps is that you can order the tickets after boarding the train (worked for me but not sure whether it works all the time). Once I was travelling from Coventry to London and I reached station at nick of time and couldn’t afford to stand in the queue to purchase a ticket so I boarded the train. With Virgin Train app, I was able to purchase ticket and managed to convince the good Ticket Checker that I have the reservation but I couldn’t get time to take it from the kiosk. That app saved me 40+ quid straight away and guess what I got, some 10% discount since I bought the ticket from their app. Eventhough other mobile websites provides these facilities but with app it was easier to search for stations and booking the ticket was breeze even though signal was wavering.
  3. Clear: This app is clearly my favourite. I have had used many To-Do list apps/calendar/ etc but those still do the things in old fashioned way. I like things to be simple and Clear is as clear it can get. I bet so many of them would have told Clear app doesn’t sound appealing at all but they do not realise (it is one of the best apps on Apple) that to-do list application has to be simple to use it. You cannot spend 10 minutes (Of course exaggeration) in creating a to-do task item. Clear has helped me de-clutter mind so many times by just looking at it.
  4. Around Me: This is one of the app that I keep telling others to download whenever I see someone having smartphone. I like to roam new places and this app has helped me every-single-time to find shops, restaurants or any other locations in the close vicinity. Ofcourse one can say Google maps or other apps are available but a good layout and ease of use, I would say personally recommend this app since it shows so many places which you can easily miss and easy app to search when you are on the move.
  5. Temple Run – Okay this I am sure not many of them would feel that this app should share the space with some of the other applications here. But this is my favourite app as it helps me when I am in no-brainer mode or when I have to kill time but have nothing to do. Sometime when my heart says to run or jog but my body gives up then I make the person in Temple Run run as hard and as far he can.