Olympics stadium Stratford city

Olympic games are starting in little over two weeks. There will be millions of visitors in London. Inevitably, there will be traffic, queues, and longer journeys. Businesses need to plan ahead to ensure that they continue to provide services on time. Well done if you already have a plan to run your business in London during this summer! If not then read ahead, and perhaps start planning now, there is still some time.

Resources for travel planning during the games are readily available, if you know where to look. Do take a look at the official Olympics Travel Advice website, which has all the useful information you need to make your plans. You can use the interactive map on this website to view which areas will be hosting the games on particular dates and how your travel will be affected.

Some useful tips for making your plans:

1. Consider alternative ways to reach office: Public transport will be exceptionally busy, so why not hire a bike? If you use a smartphone you might find Cycle Hire App  to be useful to locate the nearest bike docking points.

2. Change working hours: Depending on the nature of your business, you can perhaps change the working hours on busy days in your area, travelling before or after the peak rush hours.

3. Work from home option: If your employees live in an area affected by the Olympics, you can consider giving them the option of working from home, as suggested by Computer World UK.