Sleeker, thinner, and lighter – that’s the iPad Mini for you. Sporting a smaller and lighter body compared to its older counterpart, the highly anticipated tablet from Apple unveiled this October is now easier to hold and carry around with you. Aside from being lightweight, the new iPad Mini offers a slew of new features that has whet the appetite of tech enthusiasts everywhere ever since the announcement of its release was made. To give you an idea of what’s in store, here’s a rundown of what you can expect from the iPad Mini:

iPad Mini


Sporting an anodized aluminum body, the new iPad Mini weighs in at just 0.68 pounds and measures at exactly 7.9 inches with a thickness of roughly 7.2 millimeters. Its small size and lightweight alone makes it stand out from its competitors, mainly Amazon’s new Kindle, Samsung’s Galaxy 7, Blackberry’s Playbook, and Google’s Nexus 7. It’s even 53% lighter compared to its fourth-generation counterpart.



Despite having a small 7.9 inch body, the new iPad Mini provides clear and crisp display thanks to its 1,024 x 768 screen. Similar to the display of the iPad 2, this resolution enables users to run just about any application imaginable without having to deal with any display issues. It also offers better touch recognition as it can even detect when your thumb resting on the screen.



Even though the iPad Mini isn’t as big as its predecessors in terms of size, the new tablet packs the same type of storage space that the first generation iPads had. For those set in getting one, you can choose from 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB of storage, giving you enough room to store your files and applications.



The new iPad Mini is equipped with a 16.3-watt-hour lithium-polymer rechargeable battery which, according to Apple, enables you to enjoy 10 hours of usage even if you’re performing multiple tasks with it such as surfing the Web on Wi-Fi, listening to music, or watching a video.



Even though LTE connectivity is an added feature with the new iPad Mini instead of a built-in one – you’ll have to shell out an extra $130 on top of the retail price – it does offer more compared to other tablets such as Kindle Fire HD and Nexus 7. Unlike the two which only offer Wi-Fi, the iPad Mini comes with a standard Lightning port connection on top of its Wi-Fi feature. On top of that, file transfer is made easy since the iPad Mini lets you sync with other mobile devices via Bluetooth.



The iPad Mini comes with two cameras – one in the front and another at the back. The front camera is a FaceTime HD camera that offers better picture quality compared to older iPad models. The camera comes with a built-in face detection feature and a backside illuminated sensor. At the back, the new iPad Mini sports a 5-megapixel camera that provides higher image resolution just like the previous models.


Processor & Memory

The iPad Mini is equipped with the standard dual-core A5 processor that was outfitted in previous models. While there hasn’t been any confirmation on as to how much memory Apple placed into this new tablet, it’s been said that it will be carrying around 512MB, the same amount of memory used by the older iPad tablets.



They say that big things come in small packages and the iPad Mini certainly fits the bill. Of course, you may have to invest a lot if you expect to get the best. The Wi-Fi only version which offers 16GB of storage is expected to hit $329. The 32GB version will retail at $429 while the 64GB tablet will be priced at $529.


While a lot of people love the idea of owning an iPad, the new Mini faces tough competition from other tablets once it hits the market on November 2. Expect the new tablet to duke it out with the likes of Google’s Nexus 7, Amazon’s new Kindle Fire, and Samsung’s Galaxy 7. With its current line of features though, the iPad Mini will probably give the other tablets a run for their money.