1. Amazon wants to build a new phone and become latest entrant in the smartphone category to compete with the likes of iPhone and Galaxy S3. Amazon launched a low cost tablet last year that sold really well initially but customers lost interest after it was marred by software glitches. Hope Amazon has some strategy to compete with standards set by Apple and Samsung. (Source:Amazon Said to Plan Smartphone to Vie With Apple IPhone)

2. Samsung planning for Windows 8 OS tablet. Putting eggs in different basket definitely reduces the risk undertaken. Samsung has different OS on its smartphones such as Android, BADA and Windows OS and it wants to follow the same strategy on tablet and particularly after the injunctions filed against it by Apple mainly to do with OS. (Source: Samsung planning Windows RT tablet)

3. Facebook App store – Following the success of App culture created by Apple and Google, Facebook has also launched its App center though without much fan fare or marketing. Facebook is still trading at below listed price and trying different things to increase its revenue.(Source: Facebook App Center goes global)
4. British Airways plans to use Google search to identify and learn more about the customers such as previous complaints or preferences. According to BA this will help them to provide customized service to many of its customers but they have received criticism and privacy of the information has also been questioned. (Source: Privacy concerns over British Airways plan to google passengers

5. Apple is not planning to incorporate NFC in iPhone 5. Near Field Chips helps for cardless payment mechanism and this is available in many Android phones but since the technology is still not widely used and no one knows the security aspect of having a card details connected to a phone, Apple is doing what it is good at doing that is letting the competitors learn the market and then add the feature to its phone when it feels that the whole system and customers are ready to use it. (Source : Apple holding back on entering NFC mobile payment game

6. Windows 8 OS upgrade for $40. With Windows 7 touted as one of the best OS from Microsoft, it becomes difficult for Microsoft to convince customers to upgrade to Windows 8 and only way is price it cheap. (Source: Windows 8 pro costs 40 if you are running 7, XP and Vista 

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