1. Amazon to open a major London hub. Amazon wants to focus on the next generation of TV and film services such as Love film and Pusbutton services from this development centre. (Amazon to open a major London hub)

2. Google Nexus 7 16GB is sold out completely. Google thought that most of the customers will buy 8GB and make use of cloud features but since the capacity cannot be upgraded many of them went for 16GB model. According to iHS Suppli, Google earns $42.50 more on 16GB by adding that extra 8GB for $7.50. (Google halts new order for 16GB Nexus 7, surprised by demand)

3. Skype accused of eaves dropping on the conversation. Skype official did not accept or deny the claims. Initially because of the peer to peer technology, Skype mentioned that it is not possible to snoop on the call but governments such as USA, India etc are forcing it to save the conversation for security reasons. (Skype refuses to confirm or deny eavesdropping rumours)

4. Microsoft has reported its first quarter loss since it went public almost 26 years ago. The main reason is because of failed purchased of aQuantive in 2007 for $6.2bn to compete against Google advertising. But the company is not bothered and hoping big on Windows 8 that is expected to launch in October 2012 and Microsoft Office 2013 later. (Microsoft reports first quarterly loss ever in 26-years history as a public company)

5. Youtube has brought a new feature to blur the protestor’s faces to safe guard them from any future issues. (Youtube comes up with Face Blur tehnology)

6. Ofcom reveals 4G auction plans. 3G auction happened in 2000 but the service became popular in last 2-3 years and mainly after lots of smartphones and Tablets sold in the market. But with the data hungry devices and consumption, the adoption of 4G will be fast.  (Ofcom reveals 4G auction plans)
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