1. Google sets up raw server service by launching Compute Engine. This service allows any developer or company to harness the Google’s Supercomputers computing power. This service is similar to Amazon’s EC2 ( Elastic Cloud Computing) that allow businesses to buy time and run processes on Amaon’s super computer that is ranked among top 500 supercomputers in the world. This service is already providing speed and higher computing power behind FourSquare, Reddit and other websites. (Source: Google set up ‘raw’ server service) 
  2. Apple paid $60 million to settle trademark ‘iPad’ case with Chinese firm ProView Technology. This was one of the longest battle for Apple and Apple will be delighted to get this dispute sorted but it still has lots of injuction cases pending against Samsung. 
  3. Sony acquires Gaikai for $380 million. With this acquisition, Sony has made its presence felt in the cloud based service for its Playstation games. With every other major company having cloud presence, it was matter of when not will for Sony to get cloud services. Any kind of service that helps to reduce the delay in gaming is definite positive for the gamers and certainly for the company. It is up to Sony to see how it implements these services. (Source: Sony acquires Gaikai for $380 millions) 
  4. The European Commission has set July as the deadline for the Google to respond to the anti trust case against Google filed by dozens of small firms. If Google fails to respond adequately then EC is planning to fine 10% of Google’s global revenue ($37.9 bn). (Source: Google faces July  deadline over antitrust probe) 
  5. To sync atomic clock with the natural earth’s rotation, an extra second to atomic clock but the impact of that second was felt in some of the major websites such as Reddit, Linkedin, Qantas reservation and Mozilla whose server couldn’t understand the sudden change in time and they started to act randomly. Though the problem was solved by rebooting the servers but it took one hour for normalcy to be restored. Though the fix had been made available few months ago but the testing was not done to see whether the fix works. (Source: Leap second bedevils web systems)
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