1. Google’s interactive TV expected to launch in UK on July 16. This is again a clear strategy to compete with Apple TV which was launched in the US starting of this year. Google is trying to launch it in Europe first after their first Google TV flopped when it was partnered with Logitech in the US in 2010. This device will help the customers to watch Youtube, Facebook and other services on TV. (Source: Google Launches TV in Britain )

2. Office for Fair Trade is investigating the Facebook acquisition of Instagram. The reason being that Facebook might not allow or make it bit more difficult for other applications to upload photos directly on Facebook and helping Instagram gain monopoly in Facebook. (Source: OFT investigates Facebook acquisition of Instagram

3. SSD prices have halved in the past year and it has crossed the affordability level of $1 per GB. Now that most of the Apple Mac laptops have SSD integrated it is matter of weeks if not months for other laptop companies come up with SSD hard disks as a standard prices. Since SSDs work on different mechanism (sending electrical signals) compared to its HDD counterpart which still relies on mechanical components, SSDs are inherently faster than HDDs which is always good for consumers. (Source: SSD prices are falling down)

4. Microsoft bought enterprise social network Yammer for $1.2bn (200mn more than what Facebook paid for Instagram). Microsoft plans to use the Yammer as an enterprise social network along with Microsoft Windows Communicator and possibly with other tools such as Outlook, Office,Skype etc. (Source: Microsoft buys Yammer for $1.2bn)

5. NatWest’s last week accounts problem is blamed on the bad patch update (CA 7) executed on its mainframe computers in India. Millions of customers couldn’t make online transaction or pay any bills. This is a classic case of not following fundamentals (in this case testing the update rigorously) properly.

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