Telecommunications industry undergoes constant changes as massive amounts of money is spent on research and development and innovative technologies are developed. More than being a communication device, consumers now look for mobile phones with multiple features that match their needs. Among the predictions for smart phones coming in 2013, one of the interesting one is about the introduction of bendable smart phones. Here’s a look at what these phones may offer.!

Smart phones and the screen

A screen is a vital component in a mobile phone. As a display component, mobile phone screens have undergone great changes as experts developed colored displays and now display that offer resolutions we could only dream of. However, a slight bump or bend may result in display problems. But more than just the damage, many people want to avoid problems on their phone screens due to replacement prices and the agony of having to part with your favorite phone for a couple of weeks! Lo and behold the Bendy Smart Phone, which aim to change all that. You can bend the screen to easily put it in your pocket or even wear it around your wrist! It remains to be seen whether these phones will offer high resolutions, but having one will make you feel like you are from the future.

Bendy Smart Phones utilize OLED or Graphene for a flexible display. According to resources, displays will be foldable and flexible so that people can roll them up without worrying about any damage. Tests on these devices shows that it won’t be damaged even if subjected to a certain amount of pressure by folding or bending, something that conventional displays won’t be able to handle. Since these displays do not use glass, these will be a lot more durable and light weight as well.

Companies developing prototypes

Consumers waiting for these smart phone’s market release also look forward to the names that will sell Bendy phones in the market. According to reports, numerous companies have now begun to develop specific features to sell in the future. Samsung is one of the companies that are currently working on its version of bendy. Its experts also stated about the cutting edge flexible display that gadget lovers will surely want to have.

Aside from Samsung, consumers also have LG, Philips, Nokia and Sony among the companies that will offer Bendy in the market. Even as early as this year, people can expect a wide array of models and top quality features that make communication easier for people.

All that sounds cool, but do these phones really offer something useful? Or will these be just another fad? Technology surely looks promising and the early models of phones will definitely be a good start. But these phones will still run the same operating system and might not offer any extra value in terms of productivity. Let’s wait and see how these phones evolve in the future.